Back pain

Most people will suffer with back pain at some time in their lives. Problems vary from the mildly irritating to the unbearable.

Osteopaths assess each case, and a picture is built up – how did it come to this? What is the way forward?

We can tailored the treatment plan to your situation; working on postural and structural makeup to recover the natural position of the spine. Advice may be given regarding posture and exercise.

Neck pain

Working all day bent over a laptop or tablet, driving long distances, poor posture while standing or sitting, stress and tiredness are all factors that can cause the muscles in the neck and upper back to become tight and the joints to become stiff which can contribute to ongoing neck pain.

Some headaches can arise from neck trouble. This makes the treatment of headache typically quite straightforward.

For both complaints, we are trained to diagnose your symptoms, taking a detailed case history and consult with yourself the necessary approach to assist in resolving them.